TechKnowLogically is a new age IT driven medical solution. It is offered by MediCounsel which started in 2013 as a revolutionary online medical collective wisdom portal having over 650 experts from across the globe to help those who are in a fix about their medical problems (to know more about MediCounsel

TechKnowLogically is a tool to empower the Doctors and Medical Experts by inculcating the latest in information technology with the breakthrough Medical ideas. TechKnowLogically provides many new age solutions for efficient outcomes:

  • Cloud-based secure storage system
  • Patient management system and database
  • Unlimited personal cloud storage space for patient’s data and information
  • 24*7 access to medical records of patients and his information
  • Full access from anywhere in the world
  • Sync all data between multiple devices like – computer, laptop, mobile, tablet
  • Online hosting with secured server
  • Easy accessibility and download options
  • Prompt offline support on request
  • Privileged access to MediCounsel for managing the patients efficiently
  • Full access and support of MediCounsel’s services like – Collective Wisdomlong-term supportvideo conferencing
  • Ease of Video conferencing tool and chat
  • DICOM support on request using completely secured HIPAA protected cloud-based system
  • Customized visibility and selective sharing of data with patients and staff
  • Easy and user-friendly navigation
  • Follow up tools and organizers
  • Reminder and contact management facility
  • SSL based login and authentication protocols for secure access
  • Complete data migration facility on request
  • Account activity report and many more features
  • Manage and access your publications and articles online
  • One stop solution to all your ‘healthcare IT needs’

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