Over the years that MediCounsel has been in business, they have had the privilege of being trusted to assist individuals and their families who have been faced with difficult health decisions. For some, these decisions may have life-or-death implications. At the very least, the quality-of-life of these patients remains in the balance. This is the reason that the MediCounsel team take what they do very seriously. These success stories have built the much-needed faith and trust in the MediCounsel.

Often, MediCounsel receives letters and success stories from their clients and their families. Here are excerpts from a recent letter. The names are removed to protect the privacy of the family:

“My father was fresh out of a procedure for stone removal from his right urethra. He also had a known enlarged prostate. Post surgery, we discovered that he had a weak Bladder and was unable to pass urine on his own. The medical advice we received was to wait (with a catheter) and hope that the bladder regains strength. While this seemed like the right advice, we were seeking a validation on this.”

This story continues, thanks to the word-of-mouth recommendation of another happy MediCounsel family. Hear how everything transpired- as told in the client’s letter:

“While I was trying to line up appointments for an expert opinion, I was introduced to medicounsel.com by a friend. My experience with medicounsel.com was:

• The process to register the case was easy and smooth. (MediCounsel featured) to the point questions and (an) easy to use website.
• medicounsel.com team was always available, whenever required, throughout the process to assist.
• I could not have found the quality of doctors panel anywhere else. The confidence that my father derived out of this cannot be matched.
• The report detailed out all aspects of the case and recommendations. The report was easy to interpret, too.
• We had the opportunity to speak to someone who is considered as “the authority” in urology. The session was reassuring and gave my parents a lot of confidence in the treatment we chose.
We have had the flexibility to interact with medicounsel.com even after the initial round of recommendations were completed and they assisted us till my father has recovered well.”

This is what the service was designed to do- right from the start. Here is more from our client’s letter:

“All in all, I highly recommend medicounsel.com for anyone who is seeking a second opinion. Great panel of doctors, smooth process and very detailed recommendations.”

Thank you for trusting MediCounsel and help us create numerous success stories!

We at MediCounsel, have touched many lives over past three years and are successful in creating numerous success stories. To know more on our other stories click here or follow the banner link.


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