A lot has been said and written about Diabetes. But here is a checklist to follow if you want to keep a close tab and be in control of diabetes:

  1. Keep a check at your weight


  1. Check your blood sugar regularly


  1. Maintain your food record and manage the intake of carbohydrates


  1. Monitor and control blood pressure and cholesterol


  1. Walk, swim, play an outdoor sport, dance


  1. Don’t be sleep deprived


  1. Control and manage your stress levels


  1. See your doctor and get regular health checkup done


  1. Give up smoking and drinking


  1. Be vigilant about foot care


  1. Maintain consistency in lifestyle


  1. Increase fiber intake


  1. Pick whole grains


  1. Enjoy Cinnamon; make it your loved flavor


  1. Go for green tea


  1. Set goals and diets for yourself and adhere to that


  1. Reduce sodium intake


  1. Cut down on sugar


  1. Opt for salad and top up with little vinegar


  1. Drink plenty of water, remain hydrated and save calories


  1. Go for variety and control portion size as part of healthy eating plan


  1. Avoid Junk and processed foods


  1. Do proper research / consult your doctors before taking any supplements


  1. And most importantly don’t be afraid and enjoy yourself!


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