Recently, I read an article in the online news service ZDNet with a shocking headline: “Future enterprise companies will be run by robots.”  How does that make you feel?  I was uncomfortable just reading the headline- then I delved into the article.The article reveals how one Volkswagen executive views the future.  His company already has major Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiatives underway, and I’m not just talking about cars that can drive themselves.  As reported in ZDNet, VW chief information officer Martin Hoffman told the Web Summit 2016 audience about Volkswagen’s 5-stages of AI technology.  The final stage was a fully automated business model in which “all business decisions are made by artificial intelligence and humans have no say.”  I am more than a little concerned by this scenario.  While we are not there yet, this executive believes that we will be someday.

Artifical intelligence vs human intelligence

Artifical intelligence vs human intelligence

In my world, people are important.  I have very good business relationships and personal friendships, which I value.  I nurture them- just as they nurture and support me.  I have a lot more faith in people than I will ever have in an Artificial Intelligence.  I value my friend’s and colleagues’ advice- just as I hope they value mine.  My role in the robotic surgery support industry reminds me that while it may be called “robotic surgery,” nothing happens unless an experienced robotic surgeon is at the controls.  It is Human Intelligence- not Artificial Intelligence at work!


The team at Medicounsel feels the same way that I do.  They have the experience of years of helping patients and families negotiate the sometimes-difficult path towards finding the best medical treatment for their clients.  Each person, each case is different.  No Artificial Intelligence is making decisions at MediCounsel.  A team of handpicked specialists works together to find the correct answers for each and every case.  They work directly for you.


A few decades ago, IBM had a slogan that was used in their advertising: “Machines should work.  People should think.”  It seems that this slogan may have been changed to: “Let machines do your thinking for you,” at least in some part already.  The recent presidential election in the US seems to me like a wake-up call- at least for the many media organizations relying on computerized polling.  Virtually every poll reported the same thing- and all of them were completely wrong!  I won’t tell you whom I supported, but I will tell you I wasn’t surprised by the results.  Machines can never have what a human has- a heart and mind with a wealth of experiences to call upon.  People around the world had been fooled by computerized predictions.


Remember, you won’t be fooled when you call upon MediCounsel when faced with a tough question about your medical future.  Our caring staff- real people- is here for you.


Here is the link to the article from ZDNet:


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MediCounsel has experts ready to assist in providing answers to all heath-related questions. We are available to guide and support all with your medical concerns. We are here for you.

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