Need for patient advocacy and holistic care

India is amongst the few countries where Heath care sector is developing fast not only in terms of infrastructure or supply but also in terms of demand for quality medical care. India today lacks the patient-friendly approach of treatment. People would get medicine but not the diagnosis. Most of the times patients and their relatives undergo additional trauma of identifying the ‘right’ medical approach or treatment for a problem they are facing from long. In some cases, they may have given up the hope in the lack of proper advice or overlooked right advice in the crowd of multiple pieces of advice. It is essential that patients not only understand the problem holistically but also are able to take the right and informed approach. This is where MediCounsel would be beneficial in a country like India. The inclusion of digital healthcare is the only way to control the soaring cost of the healthcare in India.

We are the second most populous and the seventh largest country. Added to this vastness is the unequal distribution of resources and facilities. On the one hand, we talk about air ambulances in the metropolitan cities and on the other hand patient of schizophrenia in a village still, goes to a faith healer instead of a doctor as he doesn’t have a right knowledge. This contrast very well suggests; that to provide synchronous healthcare growth we need percolation of knowledge and the right information to the people in need who are sometimes located in the remote corners of the country. Fortunately, internet and E-mail communications have practically eliminated the physical costs of communications and connected us well.

MediCounsel is a functioning, user-friendly, healthcare consulting portal designed to assist the treatment of the patients suffering from complex, rare and hopeless medical conditions. The portal coordinates and integrates the opinions of multiple specialists for a patient victim of multiple / chronic diseases. Intense interaction and continued communication with the patient and on his/her behalf, with the experts, is our unique selling point. Our reports are easy to understand, well-illustrated and help patients to be fully knowledgeable about his disease and the pros and cons of the proposed treatment options. Our final report is inclusive of patient education that can help alleviate the anxiety of the patient / family.

When it comes to the practice of medicine, collaborative decisions are in the best interest of the patient. Medicine is a field where established treatments and approaches are constantly evolving due to the pursuit of knowledge. We assemble a team of experts with unique medical viewpoints. Our team will work together to suggest / recommend options specific to one’s situation.  MediCounsel has been developed to give people a real understanding of their specific medical problem. We work to answer their questions, thanks to our panel of experts. They consider the questions, research solutions and then deliver clear, unbiased opinion in a language that the patient can understand.

Most of the times, and more so in complex medical conditions, the patient continues to suffer unbearable health conditions while being shunted from one physician to other for the want of right kind of advice. In this frustrating situation, he either ends up having a lot of options or with no options at all. We aim to provide him clear, unbiased and cutting-edge advice based on recommendations of world class experts so that patient can make an informed decision. MediCounsel is neither a second opinion portal nor just a medical consultation portal. It is a well thought of concept to address the burning need of health care sector today – Right advice at the right time from the right experts. Patients may find the finest of advice but the challenge arises only when it comes to translating it into actions. Best of the advice is not good if you don’t know with a factor of certainty, whether or not it would work for you or if that is the one best suited for you. It is only when a problem is analyzed from all possible dimensions by a panel of best experts from India and abroad and in the well-lit backlight of thorough research that the right recommendation is made and the patient can take the informed decision.  This kind of in-depth analysis and understanding is the need of the hour and this is how MediCounsel differs from anything else available.

MediCounsel has over 625 experts from the U.S., India, Australia and the U.K covering 40 super-specialties. We plan to have over 1000 experts by the end of 2014 and keep on adding to the most valuable resource of MediCounsel. They are from different medical and paramedical specialties and considered the best in their field. We cover all the areas of health but are more focused on chronic diseases and the conditions for which the patient is not able to take a right decision.

MediCounsel aims to bring the awareness and information right in the hands of patients. The doctors must still take the right decision for patients but at the same time, patients should understand why and how a problem is being tackled with a certain approach and why other available options are not best suited in his context. We are hopeful that it would bring the desired positive changes in the Healthcare system by diverting the care towards patients and making it patient friendly rather than system friendly.

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