The MediCounsel Goal

We want to be there for anyone who seeks to find an honest, independent consensus of opinion about their health from a global panel of experts who are truly knowledgeable and empathetic. A task once impossible for most has now become not only possible but also affordable, thanks to the IT networks now available worldwide.  Patients can have access to the best care advice in the world, all without even leaving their home.

MediCounsel will be unbiased as it does not take or give referral fees. Based on the complexity of the medical case registered and inputs received from the panel of experts, the advisory service presents different treatment options and recommendations for each individual patient’s consideration. In all such cases, the views on the relative merits and demerits of each of the recommendations are shared with the patients.  As a policy, we will never entertain any financial relationship with any hospital, diagnostic service providers or any other entity. This is why patients can always rest assured that none of our recommendations will ever have any bias or reflect self-interest.

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