The power of Collective Wisdom

An intuitive and intelligent opinion could save someone’s life or bail the person out of the never-ending trauma of an unresolved problem. However, the presence of adequate intelligence quotient in the opinion is a must. In critical conditions, however, getting the right opinion or being sure that the opinion received is appropriate is nothing short of solving a tricky puzzle; you can’t be certain whether it is correct or not until you go right until the end and experience the outcome. One could consider taking a chance if the outcome is not so impactful, and could be reversed / discarded. But if the outcome could save a life, it has to be accurate and intelligent.

When dealing with human lives, judgment errors are not affordable. One needs to hedge the risk of these errors in such cases; and while this could be done independently, one may end up having same ‘judgment error’ outcome if the mode of analysis or point of view is not different. To avoid such unpredictable and unfavorable outcomes, it is essential to explore the problem collectively and from all possible perspectives. This establishes the need of Collective Wisdom which essentially would touch upon all possible scenarios and aspects of a problem and ensure exploration from all angles. It would comprise of an unbiased yet collective opinion of the best experts in the field. The power of Collective Wisdom should be unlocked to get the holistic and accurate perspective of any chronic health problem.

Best of the opinions can only be mined collectively. Solo or standalone opinion creates a doubt about the accuracy and precision of the recommendation or if explored individually, it would burden the person with multiple recommendations, leaving him in a fix to pick the best applicable one based on his own judgment; this often creates further anxiety and confusion as that is not his forte. Most clear recommendations would be the outcome of aligning individual goals of providing the right solution for the better patient care.

We, at MediCounsel, strongly believes in the power of Collective Wisdom in order to provide the patient with the best available options and comprehensive and coherent recommendations. We enable our group of experts to provide right medical solutions with practical approaches, and ensuring that the best potential of the group is realized while doing so. We believe that unless the potential (collectively as a group) is realized it is hard to arrive at the best outcomes.

One opinion may give you a solution, two could give you options but only Collective Wisdom gives you the best care, the finest outcome and the ultimate joy of life seeing your loved one living a better life again!

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