MediCounsel’s bit in the COVID-19 world

COVID-19.  Novel coronavirus.  These words are enough to strike fear into the hearts of individuals across the globe right now.  TV screens are updated hourly with growing numbers of victims.  Hospitals and their dedicated staff have become overwhelmed with the numbers of new patients- some have little space left for more.  Critical equipment needed to protect staff and provide help for the afflicted is in short supply. Family doctors’ offices have closed or reduced their hours, due to the crisis.  Where can one turn for help and advice? 

MediCounsel is an internet-based consulting service, which has been in operation for a few years now, providing a service for those seeking answers to their healthcare questions. Many have been helped, thanks to the caring staff and world-class experts the MediCounsel team have available at their call. Right now, due to the Coronavirus threat, the company is waiving the normal fees for this service.  It is not the time for generating profits- is the need of the hour to lend help! 

Please understand that due to the crisis at hand, we cannot answer basic questions- those answers are already available through the global media.  Our advice mirrors what you should already be hearing from authorities: follow common sense, stay home unless absolutely necessary; when in public, keep a 2-meter distance, minimum and use a face mask and gloves.  Wash your hands regularly!  If you have an immediate concern- contact the nearest emergency department.  Our goal is to guide you with answers to other questions that are important to you.  Simply fill out the web site form and submit it to us. 

MediCounsel, our Collective Wisdom is here for you! 

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